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Services for Property Owners


We offer a wide range of services dedicated to home owners wishing to start or continue a short-term rental business. Our goal is to maximize the performance of the managed apartment, also ensuring maximum guests satisfaction, which translates into great reviews, useful for maintaining a high positioning on sales channels and increasing sales

All inclusive 

The best-selling service!

Complete management from A to Z.

We begin with the start-up phase and continue with everything needed for the success of your short term rental business. Peace of mind for the owners!


  • All required steps to obtain permits to start hosting

  • Property preparation - all you need to know to be 100% ready on day one

  • Photo shooting

  • Creation of listings on Airbnb, etc.

Daily Management

  • Guest communications before, during and after their stay

  • Guest reviews

  • Monitoring of the property conditions, and reporting of any maintenance needs

  • Dynamic pricing strategy based on seasonality, major events, market trends and occupancy

  • Calendar syncing on all sales channels

  • All mandatory administrative tasks required by law

  • Coordination and supervision of cleaning and laundry activities

  • Monthly report of bookings and revenues


Hosting Start-Up


  • All required steps to obtain permits to start hosting (all required authorizations and needed accounts)

  • Property preparation - all you need to know to be 100% ready on day one

  • Photo shooting

  • Creation of listings on Airbnb, etc.

Photo shooting

The first impression of the property is crucial. We collaborate with professional photographers specialized in interior photography, which allow us to enhance the impact of your apartment

Daily management

Managing a short term rental unit requires daily activities, inclduing

  • All communication with prospect and actual guests, in several languages

  • Ensuring the property is always in great conditions to welcome the next guests

  • Continuous adjustment of the pricing strategy based on market trends, occupancy as well as knowledge of major events in the city

  • Syncing calendars on all channels (e.g., Airbnb, VRBO etc)

  • Mandatory check-in procedures including guest registrations with local authorities and the municipality

  • Management of all the duties required by the municipality and province of residence in relation to City Taxes 

  • Guest reviews

  • Monthly report of bookings and revenues

Property preparation

We ensure property owners know exactly how to prepare their home for hosting. This service includes

  • Recommendations on space distribution, furniture, home equipment... everything needed to be ready on day one

  • Technical support to ensure self-check-in is possible

Listings creation

Creation of the listings of your property in Italian and English, on the most relevant online channels such as Airbnb and

  • Definition of a pricing strategy and continuous monitoring of bookings

  • Preparation of detailed house rules - useful to manage possible claims if guests have not followed rules

  • Creation of the house manual which includes instructions for appliances, house rules, a map of the neighborhood and useful tourist information

Cleaning and Laundry

We cooperate with companies specialized in the cleaning of apartments dedicated to short-term rentals, with very high quality standards.

We use high quality 100% premium cotton bed linen and bath towels

Katia manages two apartments I own in Milan, I am very happy I started working with her, she is highly professional and has a vast experience.

She takes great care of my properties and all my guests, the oustanding reviews I receive speak volumes about the high quality of service I receive


Hosting Start-Up


End-to-end management of the entire bureaucratic process for the start-up of a new short term rental unit, including for example:

  • Declaration of opening a new business

  • Opening and account with the Police website for the mandatory registration of guests

  • Opening of the required account for periodic declarations of tourist taxes

  • Request for credentials from the Statistical Flow Portal of the Metropolitan City of Milan

  • Request for Regional Identification Code

A to Z short term rental Service,
from the
Start-Up to the
day-to-day management
Our best-selling service!

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